12 Video Marketing Trends in 2017

As we were doing our social media reading, we recently chanced upon an interesting LinkedIn article end of February on video marketing trends in 2017.

Thus, we would like to summarise the points using our input.

Jules Blundell, the author of the article is the CEO of VideoBuzz, a strategic video marketing studio in Australia.

As we know, it’s now the trend that video is rampant on almost every digital platform we see now, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Websites… you name it.

As said by Blundell, “In fact, we are rapidly becoming conditioned to disengage if there isn’t a video.”

So, what may be the trends for this year?

    1. Keep your message targeted – Be specific

Instead of mass broadcasting, produce one video with one message to one audience.

    1. Engage your loyal audiences constantly

Keep producing videos!

    1. Make videos upon customers’ readiness

Know your target audience’s buying pattern

    1. Find the right time to launch your video

We would recommend before work and after work where most people are travelling and using their phones.

    1. Enough of jargon and complex words

Sometimes a simple yet authentic message is more engaging

    1. Show WHY instead of WHAT

Yes, they will appreciate why what you are saying matters to them

    1. Don’t hard sell

Not too many logos please.

    1. Choose your music wisely

Remember that tune to the video or ad you watched? Yes, that is the impact music has on your video.

Like what Blundell said, “no music in the first five seconds gave the impression it wasn’t an advert and generating intrigue and the desire to watch more.”

    1. Keep your video short

Would you watch a 5 minute long video as compared to a 1 minute video?

Ok, you got it.

    1. Don’t be afraid to insert a video in your email

Videos are more appealing than text.

    1. Ten Seconds – Watch or Stop

We all have short attention spans, a good beginning – the first 10 seconds will determine if you get your eyeballs.

    1. Inject some humour

We understand that this may work for some videos, some may not.

Depending on the direction and purpose of the video, we may recommend if it’s appropriate.

In conclusion, though these may be the trends this year, sometimes it’s a mixture of old-school methods and current ones.


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Posted on March 2, 2017 in Articles

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