3 Simple Tips for Successful Event Videography

To film an event is always fun.

It is not just about how you record good footages but more than that, there is always something to learn from for each event.

We had an opportunity to film a pre-school graduation ceremony. The school is located far from crowded areas and has a conducive nature environment which is good for the students/children.

For graduation events, there are many important moments that I, as a videographer can’t miss out, not even a single moment.

There are many things we had to think and plan beforehand, including how to film the children, the preparation process and the actual day program, in order to produce the best quality video.

What do I need to do? Simple: have good communication with the client and team. With that, we can deliver a good video and in return get high satisfaction from the client. From this event, I realised that there are some simple tips that can be applied not only to filming pre-school graduation events but also to other event video coverage.

So below, we will share some tips how to filming an event successfully.

  1. COMMUNICATIONCommunication

That is a main key here to produce a high-quality video. Without good communication with your client and your production team, it’s is akin to you filming without direction. For sure, you will lose many important moments to capture.

Be sure to find out who the in-charge of the actual event day is. It may not the same person you originally dealt with. Talk to her/him and ask all the information that you need; it could be the schedule, event rundown, event venue address etc.

You may want to recce the location to scout for suitable places for good lighting, obstacles-free, camera angles etc.

Ask if there is rehearsal, it will be good to join them to understand the lighting environment beforehand so that you can then prepare your gear accordingly. By doing that too, you will also know where you can keep your equipment bags on the actual day.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask his/her contact number. You will need it for any questions you have on the day of the event.


Prepare, prepare and prepare!

When you have good preparation, 90% of the job is complete. What are the things to prepare?

A. GEARCombined01

You will not be bringing the entire equipment from your studio to shoot an event but only the equipment you need. Make a short list of it.

Ensure all the equipment are in good condition. Remember to charge all the batteries!

Always prepare for the worst. Bring an extra of everything. You will never know when the problem will arise. So, bring an extra camera, battery, memory card or even microphone are essential.


Gear 4

Discuss with your team and make a short list with everyone in the team.

What are the specific shots that client will expect? Who will record the establishing shots as well as extra b-rolls?

Ensure that everyone understands what their roles entail.

You may even need to discuss logistics, ie. Transportation to go to the event. Make sure that the team arrives on time at the right place.

Importantly, have sufficient rest the night before the shoot day. It will keep you fresh and fit to shoot the whole day event.

Good preparations determine good results.


On the day of the event, you will need to be confident to film. Be friendly and have a good attitude. Serve the client with your skills.

Depending on the event you are going to, you will need to dress accordingly. If it is a formal event, you may need to dress up a little by wearing a blazer with comfortable long pants. Looking professional plays an important part in making the client happy.

Hopefully, these simple tips can help you to produce a better event video.


Posted on March 24, 2017 in Articles

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