Digital Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the science of taking measurements from photographs by looking at the surface points of objects to obtain reliable measurements and determine characters such as size, shape and position. Digital Photogrammetry is the newest development of photogrammetry requiring the use of digital images captured to obtain photogrammetric products. By taking a sequence of 3D images together the possibility of measuring lengths, areas and volumes of structures and points of interest occurs.



The transition from analytical photogrammetric technology to digital has been fast. The turn towards digital technology was the aim to increase mapping efficiency. Revelation Productions saw this opportunity and now on track in developing solutions producing high quality photogrammetry services. Our team are experts using well-established technique for acquiring dense 3D geometric information for real-world objects. The software solution handles Image display, determine orientations, rectifies digitally and visualize. Mining experts, geologists, archaeologists, engineers, city planners and anyone else who interests visual map area are the ones who can use our software.




Why use Digital Images?

  • Proper way of displaying and Measurement
  • Real Time photogrammetry
  • Stability
  • Image Enhancement is possible
  • Automation may be implemented


Technologic benefits of Digital Photogrammetry

  • Speedy unbiased data processing and collection
  • Digital Aerial Photography
  • Harmless data collection that avoids slope risks to rock fall hazards
  • Remote mapping of geologic structures in abrupt and inaccessible spaces
  • Real time data collection and remote sensing
  • Real Time spatial data processing
  • High optical location accuracy
  • Very high resolution Satellite Images
  • Organization of data acquisition
  • Project reporting, assessment, and accomplishment
  • Management and Quality Control
  • Development of geographical environments
  • Detailed description of data
  • Cost-effective system
  • Time-effective system
  • Less manual effort
  • Provides an integrated solution for photographs simultaneously


Relevant Applications for Digital Photogrammetry

  • Mapping highwalls
  • Primary recon of dams
  • Roadway damages
  • Open and Flat Terrain
  • Mountainous areas
  • Industrial Measurements
  • Mapping Earth
  • Landscapes
  • Large projects
  • Urban and Regional Development
  • Soil Surveys
  • Tax Mapping
  • Quantity Estimates
  • Shore Erosion
  • Geology
  • Exposure Changes and Subsidence monitoring
  • Conceptual design mapping
  • Subsidence monitoring

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