Benefits of Time-lapse for Infrastructures such as Construction and Vessel

More than 700 Youtube videos are shared every minute, Twitter once said. Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74% and 26% of Internet users look for more information after viewing a video ad.


Our services is your first step to Internet Marketing. The promotional photography we offer creates brand recognition enough to market your company and products. To get the ideas flowing, here are our some main points contributing to your campaigns.




Full Project Visual Documentation

From start-to-finish of construction projects, industrial processes, installation & assembly of machinery to events coverage, our expertise in time-lapse has brought the team to a diverse range of projects and environments. Time-lapse videos market a company by giving the audience a scenic view of the project that allows customers to see the progress to every infrastructure built. The combination of visual and audio elements is powerful marketing tool due to the audiences fleeting attention spans.


Documentation for Broadcast Opportunities (such as Discovery Channel)

Revelation Productions had partnered with well-known companies such as Discovery Channel, The Flagship, SASS & Prepress. With ten years of experience, we have engaged with clients in Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, creating a network of opportunities to broadcast our services and media expertise. Many organisations use our exceptional media solutions to reach its target audience and give more visibility.


Incorporation into Company Corporate Video

Our extraordinary team pushes its limits and think out of the box to develop digital strategies in order to support creative solutions every client desires. Our videos bring your story in an entertaining and interesting way. With this, your company will create an outstanding brand awareness to get more traffic, get more shares and boost your SEO ratings. We are a recognized leader for customized drone design. Our proprietary technologies has allowed us to adopt wireless control systems that are adaptive to most filming and related camera devices. By developing our in-house gyroscopic rigs as well as calibration tools, we continue to work with many film directors on various film projects as well as ground and aerial filming for companies in the industrial and corporate spectrum.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in our individual and collective responsibility to our environment and society, as such we have actively participated in many campaigns to play our part in giving back to the society on a corporate level. Some of these campaigns include “FINished with Fins” to stop the consumption of shark fins, as well as PM.Haze to eliminate the root causes of health hazards created by the haze. See more here


For Training Purpose

Enterprise Video Platform dramatically reduces the planning, organization of in-person training and eliminates physical costs of a facility. Providing continued professional development, corporate video can be used for company announcement & news, onboarding and training. Employees can enjoy and provides easy access of the content from anywhere at anytime. It enhances employee engagements and allows companies to reach and train countless remote employees.




Revelation Productions has catered time lapse to well known clients like Shell – Module Removal & Lifting / Fitting, Samwoh – Construction and Corporate Video, ROS – Compressor Module Fitting / Sail Off, REC – Solar Power Plant Construction, Jotun – FPSO / Coating, Abbott / Hoàn Mÿ Hospital (Vietnam) – Equipment Installation, IFF – Building Extension & Construction, Schlumberger – Equipment Assembly & Lifting, and Bumi Armada – Flare Tower Module Lifting & Fitting.


Revelation Productions has a suite of management and operational solutions to accommodate construction projects of any shape and size. Our Survey and Inspections Solutions offers significant savings, reduces risk, and increases productivity. The data we collect is BIM (Building Information Modeling) compatible.
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