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Inbound Marketing & Video Marketing Strategy

At Revelation Productions, we partner with Construct Digital, which is also a leading HubSpot Partner agency. Now, what is HubSpot and Construct Digital?   HubSpot describes themselves a developer of “inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.” HubSpot offers solutions such as CRM (In-Bound Marketing), Analytics to…

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Video Demand Shift – What Consumers Want

Recently, we wrote on video marketing trends in 2017. After doing more research, we would like to share more findings on what is trending in recent years. Based on the readings, businesses are investing more money on Over-the-top (OTT) content, as it is more cost efficient compared to broadcasting in TVs, Radio and Cable. With the…

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36th Annual General Meeting (AGM) – SASS

The 36th Annual General Meeting of the Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and Services (SASS) was held beginning this year at the Singapore Island Country Club. SASS was formed 3 decades ago by local ship suppliers with a common vision to promote the economic interests of all their members. With the help of Information Technology, SASS…

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Service Academies Global Summit (SAGS 2016)

As a videographer and editor of Service Academies Global Summit (SAGS 2016), I had the opportunity to meet many and even strike conversations with some powerful leaders from around the world from all sectors like the government, business, military and NGO/nonprofit sectors. Following the success of West Point All-Academies Asia Summit (WPAAAS) that took place…

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WWF Singapore Earth Hour 2016

We had so much fun shooting with Shan Wee and Cheryl Miles along with the cute WWF mascot and dancers for this parody of “Beat It”! This was in preparation for the Earth Hour on 19th March 2016 and it was broadcasted live at The Float @ Marina Bay. Check out the video to watch “Peat It”!…

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Our Tribute To Singapore National Day

It all started with a simple idea: We wanted to do our very own tribute video to Singapore to commemorate our nation’s 50th birthday. The kids you see in this tribute video are the very own kids of our team members. We shot everything at different places and timings with nothing but a smart phone.…

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