Industrial Product and Corporate Photo Shoot

Crown is a global manufacturer and retailer of product handling equipment such as hand pallet trucks, fork lifts and high lifting turret trucks. They have been family owned for four generations and are a reliable and trusted company in their sector.

Crown had engaged Revelation Productions to commence a lifestyle and an industrial product shoot so that they may use these images for their marketing collateral for the Singapore market.

The brief was clearly communicated, to capture the lifestyle and industrial images in correspondence to their corporate guidelines, global image branding, and also up to a high standard.

Once the client had concluded their ideas and intentions with us, we arranged for two shoot dates so that we could ensure the key people to be photographed were in the offices across the three Crown Branches.


Ahead of our first day shoot, we had to confirm the directives of this shoot and to finish each portion on time to counter delays. We started out by first capturing the office lifestyle imagery at their head office, which included shots of a staged meeting in progress, an overview of office space and the management in discussion shot.WhatsApp Image 2016-12-07 at 12.07.32 PM

We then headed to Crown’s branch office to get further lifestyle images of the office space and a bustling environment. In addition, we captured an overview of their warehouse space and a product shot of one forklift.

To capture all of these to the desired standard required, we brought our Bowens lighting system as well as our large Red Head lighting to fill the larger space. As we were shooting an office lifestyle series, it was important to capture the moments with a soft light, while also getting a larger and even lighting effect. Therefore we used our Lighting Umbrellas, to disperse and diffuse the lights.


2 weeks later, we went back to Crown’s third site to capture more photos of the wide selection of their equipment. The imagery brief was to capture the products in two scenarios, one showing the staff using the production while the other was just a product shot alone.

This shoot again had a meticulous time frame to follow and capture what was required, in which we successfully adhered to complete the shoot.

We provided the client with organised contact sheets so that they may base their selection from them. Editing these images required a lot of advanced editing, as the photos incorporated several different styles such as architectural elements, product photography editing and also corporate portraiture. The editing was quite a lengthy process, but it was worth it as the client, us as the photographer and photo editor were all happy with the final product.

Some of the editing required was to take out the glare on the TV screen in the meeting room and replace it with more detailed imagery. This was achieved by using a PNG file sent by the client and overlaying it and amending the perspective based on the angle of the shot. Other images required more in depth editing of the skin to remove blemishes, change the company contact information on the van, create transparent backgrounds and shadowing for realism.

Overall, it was an enjoyable opportunity to shoot for Crown.

Posted on March 9, 2017 in Articles

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