Memos of a Photographer (Interior Architectural Shoot)

Photography Subject: Self Storage Space

  • Shoot directives were based on the idea of selling the space.
  • One suggestion was to use the companies boxes as they had the company branding on them (this would allow the viewer to gauge the size of the rooms).
  • Another way to do it was to use different types of furniture which are commonly recognised.

Interior Architectural Shoot

  • Recce the space first to determine clients requirements, understanding further on how to capture the images (whether lighting would be appropriate to use in camera techniques).
  • A combination of long exposures (For windowless rooms) and HDR effect (which natural light was involved).
  • Lighting was not required as the reflection and shadows would be quite apparent and distracting.
  • Ultra-wide lens was required (10mm).
  • Very little distortion occurred, however lens correction was still required in both Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Quite in-depth editing was required to create a clean, open and welcoming space.
  • It was required that we remove the severe reflection on the the bright orange doors.
  • Using lines available aided in framing the photos, as the technique of frames within the frame could be used effectively.
  • This creates depth to the space, causes the viewers eyes to be lead through the image – section by section.
  • Some back lighting from windows, as well as the lighting in the space caused flaring which resulted in being additionally cautious whilst framing.
  • To give some further context to the storage areas surroundings, the client had requested for some overview angles as well as corridors of the space.
  • Some exterior shots of the building were required, slight challenges due to harsh sunlight on the day.
  • Multiple exposures were required to create a HDR.
  • In addition, further exposure control was required in Photoshop through the use of exposure and levels.
  • Additional editing was required to clean the floors from markings and drag marks. They may also be on the furniture, walls and boxes.
  • There was little feedback in terms of changes to the editing of the images. However, additional images were requested.

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