Service Academies Global Summit (SAGS 2016)

As a videographer and editor of Service Academies Global Summit (SAGS 2016), I had the opportunity to meet many and even strike conversations with some powerful leaders from around the world from all sectors like the government, business, military and NGO/nonprofit sectors.


Following the success of West Point All-Academies Asia Summit (WPAAAS) that took place in Singapore last year in June, SAGS 2016 was the 2nd gathering where graduates of all five U.S. service academies come together to learn, network, engage, interact and share experiences with one another on leadership.


Unlike shooting other kinds of fun events, this SAGS event was a formal one as the atmosphere was serious and solemn. Being a videographer, I had to position the camera accurately and listen to the speakers so that I could understand the flow of the event better.  Once I engaged myself as part of the event, I was able to flow with the speakers and found it easier to capture the right camera angles at the right moments.


Event videography requires us to move around and about with the cameras. One of the challenges was to be fully aware when we moved about. It had to be at the right timings so as to shoot without disturbing the participants. We had to watch our movements, know our equipment well enough so that we would make the least movements during filming.

Another thing during this shoot was that I had to be decisive of the shots and angles during the shoot or I would miss the important speech moments.

The interesting thing about filming this event, especially for such an enriching seminar, was the personally rewarding experience. It was not just about shooting a video but a life motivation because I learnt a lot from the speakers through their life testimonies.


One particular leader, Vice Admiral Robert Bob Harward gave an inspiration speech that changed my perspective in life. He shared how he had to be far from his family when he went to war and how his life was at stake. It was only after 10 years of service that he managed to earn 30k a year. It gave me a big lesson on perseverance.

I had the honour to shake hands with Ray Jefferson, a leadership consultant and former US government executive. One thing that I took away from him was: “Don’t focus on the problem, and always be thankful for what you have in life.”


The never-give-up spirit contributed to who many of them become today – successful leaders and businessmen.

Stay tuned to this page to see SAGS 2016 video! Meanwhile, please enjoy WPAAAS video posted below:

      Singapore 2015 Event Conference Coverage from Revelation Productions Singapore on Vimeo.




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