Video Demand Shift – What Consumers Want

Recently, we wrote on video marketing trends in 2017.

After doing more research, we would like to share more findings on what is trending in recent years.

Based on the readings, businesses are investing more money on Over-the-top (OTT) content, as it is more cost efficient compared to broadcasting in TVs, Radio and Cable.

With the growth of social media and free video platforms, (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), companies do not need to spend heavily on paying for broadcasting fees as most mixed media platform are free to register and upload.

Thus, it is more value for money when pitching to client on the dollar value compare to Free-to-air (FTA) and Below-the-line (BTL).

Charts and statistics also point to a decline in TV viewership and cutbacks in ad campaigns. This is due to the Gen Y who are more tech savvy and spend a lot of time browsing internet, social media site and video sites for information and entertainment.

That results in the strong demand for video content for desktop and mobile platforms, including advertising through these medium.

Having the video posted online with proper tagging and SEO search terms will allow Google to pick up video searches if someone is looking for something related.
This important feature by Google and other search engines is more powerful than any other online directories or TV broadcasting in terms of reaching out to the masses.

Research shows that companies are more mindful of building a positive image and a strong branding compared to just doing video marketing in general. Also, they would want to reach out to a wide audience in the quickest time possible in the most cost effective bang for the buck solution. This is where ‘OTT’ and Out-of-home ‘OOH’ solutions like JCDecaux, MediaCorp OOH, MoovMedia come into play.

Nielsen’s research finding states that the younger age group who are viewing TVs are declining, and this group of people are the ones with the most buying power.
Companies lean towards targeting and reaching out to this age group, enticing them to buy their product and services.

With digital content, Wifi and various technology being easily available, accessible and at a cheap price, many shops and store fronts have installed digital TV screen to showcase their products and services. It is akin to having free advertising 24/7 in their own outlets.

Companies with additional budget, sometimes employ How-to-do videos or Tutorial videos on how to use their product or services to gain more eyeballs and shares through online / mobile platform, ie. social media.

Tactics employed are simple and indirect.

With one properly done video shot with a higher budget, companies can use the video as, Marketing, Recruitment, HR and Branding purposes.

In conclusion, videos are still a key essential tool for all companies as users still want more video content except the shift in media.

View one of our viral videos shot for Wild Wild Wet Singapore 

Viral Video

At Revelation Productions, we offer film & video production services.

Clear communication to our clients and consumers is of utmost priority, and we provide you with unique ways to do it. Generally, there are two main approaches for videos – LIVE ACTION or GRAPHICAL APPROACH. Revelation Productions is the best partner for your media needs from project conceptualization to innovative visual effects.

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