The Wonders of Time Lapse – Brinno

Around this time of the year in 2016, Revelation Productions installed 2 Brinno TLC200 cameras to capture the building extension of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc Singapore (IFF). This was a year-long project where we captured the entire construction (field work) process from excavation to rough framing, roofing and eventually, wall painting.

During this project, our team had to go down on-site to replace the batteries for the Brinno TLC200 cameras, as well as to download the footage captured every 2 weeks. On top of that, we conducted a monthly architecture shoot on the ground (both photo and video) to capture the interior construction progress. We also carried out aerial video & photo flights for an even wider overview of the construction process as well as to give viewers a better scale of the extension project being carried out.




While it was not an easy task to navigate the construction site keeping our eyes peeled for our own safety, and retrieving the footages from the cameras, it was truly an experience to see a building rise from ground up and in only minutes.

Each time we went on-site, the construction may have paused at certain areas and continued at others; we had to shift our cameras around a few locations to capture the works being done around each spots, but after collecting and reviewing the footage, we were able to see how drastic the changes can be even after just 2 weeks.

Looking back on the project, it was a satisfying experience knowing that we were involved in this building’s history and we have pictures and videos to document it!


At the construction site

At Revelation Productions, we believe in providing unique media solutions that is tailored to the needs of the clients.
From start-to-finish of construction projects, industrial processes, installation & assembly of machinery to events coverage, our expertise in time-lapse has brought the team to a diverse range of projects and environments.
We understand that a lot of details and planning has been put into place for every project. There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than seeing our clients’ projects materialize literally from the ground up.
Drop us an email at so that we can better understand your time-lapse needs and offer a unique media solution, tailored just right for your company.

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